We are passionate about helping YOU, your business. We work with driven, creative, and passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners like you who are here to make their mark on the world. We want to give you time to focus on your great work and not waste it in social media.

I understand you want to know how to attract people to buy your products and services using social media. You want someone to tell you exactly the steps to do. You don’t want to know it ALL.

Most businesses are doing it wrong. There are sooo many ways to do social media wrong and we see this happening all the time. People know they need to be in social media and but can’t find the time to setup a plan with goals, strategies, tactics and analytics.

We want to help you get it right so you can see results. Add in something there.  And then it will go live.

We are different than other social media firms out there. Owner, Teresa is an introvert. Being social and revealing personal things about herself was not in her nature. With trial and error she has learned to let down her guard and embrace social media without worrying in bed at night if what she said was too strong.

We have listened, observed and researched what works. We have found systems that work for small businesses so they can minimize their time and financial investments and reach their goals. We can help build into your routine weekly, monthly and quarterly social media habits destined for success.

We jump out of bed each day because … We get to work with clients like you that have gifts and talents that we believe have potential for extraordinary impact in the world. We strive to get businesses like yourself BIG results in as LITTLE time as possible – More with Less.

We get to work with wonderful businesses like these:

  • Professional who quit her cushy corporate job to work one-on-one with people helping them to live richer and longer lives.
  • A mom and pop home-care facility for seniors with dementia that provide care oozing with love so the last few moments of these individuals’ lives includes dignity and feelings of significance.
  • A business that has have helped thousands of clients the past ten years and is now shifting to inspiring people to change how they approach food, and take away the energy zapping stresses about the number on the scale at a national level.

Branding is infused in everything we do. We can’t approach social media without incorporating brand into messages. Social media is all about getting noticed by people who you can serve with your strengths– potential customers, partners, and supporters. This means putting your brand out in social media consistently, clearly and loudly.

We have worked for years with businesses on their brands. Interjecting brand is naturally part of what we do.

The heart of any compelling communication has to have brand in it. If your social media will get heard above the noise, it takes social media best practices PLUS brand.

We’d love to help you. We would be honored to help your business get results in social media. Your ideas and talents matter.  We want you to focus on your work – We truly believe the world needs your contribution and we can help by releasing your worry and time in social media.

You can contact us at teresa@teresapangan.com. We would love to have you join in our community at Facebook on social media, gratitude, and making extraordinary contributions.


Proud owner of Social Media More With Less