Teresa Pangan, PhD, RDN

Social Media & Brand Strategist, Founder

Teresa Pangan, Social Media & Brand StategistTeresa founded and ran the web design firm Webnoxious for twelve years.  She loved designing websites that would express a business’ personality and attract their target audience. Some businesses saw their traffic more than triple after launching their new look and feel.

Now she still works online but instead of websites she is creating online strategies for businesses to get heard above the noise using social media.  She savors the challenge of matching businesses up with their ideal target markets so they can use their strengths to serve others, to make an exceptional difference in the world.

Teresa understands the struggles of small businesses.  She is passionate about making social media understandable and results focused. She knows first hand how valuable a commodity time is and how key it is to get the most from social media with the least investment in time.  She frees up businesses to focus on their work by systemizing their social media as much as possible.

She also helps businesses understand how they can be authentic and show their passion online. Clients are relieved to know they can be themselves and this will actually attract people more powerfully to their business.

Teresa honed her social media skills while spending a year in an exclusive business program with Facebook guru Mari Smith (ranked number 3 by Forbes in 2013 as most influential women in social media) and attended the first global social media conference in San Diego 2013 (Social Media Marketing World).  She also has completed Andrea Vahl’s (co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) social media school classes and Amy Porterfield’s (co-author also of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) Facebook Marketing Profit Lab classes.  She strives to learn best practices – how to invest the least amount of time and money to get strong results.

You can read more about her at

Personal Life:
Teresa is blessed with 4 children ranging from 3 years to 17 years old. When Teresa has a quiet moment she relaxes with a CSI or Sherlock Holmes episode while savoring a glass of Malbec from Argentina. Her dream is to travel and tour wineries in Argentina’s Mendoza region.

Favorite thing:
She loves the color purple.  She even had a shag purple carpet in her bedroom as a child.


Lara, Dague, RD

Customer Delight & Gratitude Director

Lara Dague, Customer Delight & Gratitude DirectorLara is customers care extra-ordinairre – responding to customer requests. She keeps us focused on the reason we are here and makes sure we see it with thankful eyes. She is always stepping in to help to keep the business moving forward.

Prior to joining Social Media More with Less she immersed herself in data gathering for TAP Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.  She was known for providing training in several areas within Data Management.  She especially enjoyed the move to Electronic Data Capture for the clinical trials.

Before joining the team, she had little experience in social media. This was a gift. She knows just what it feels like to feel lost and get up to speed quickly.

Her goal is to help clients feel empowered and not overwhelmed in social media. She thinks of social media like learning a second language. You first get down a few basic phrases, feel comfortable with those, then build from there. As you interact more and more you will gain confidence and in a short time can be going at it fluently – like a pro.

Personal Life:
Lara is married to Jeff and they have four children.  Megan is 12  years old, Adam and Abby are 6 year old twins and Avery is 18 months.

Favorite thing:
Lara enjoys watching her kids on the soccer field or on the basketball court.  She knows all too well that her kid’s athletic ability did not come from her.