Brilliance Breakthrough

Want to uncover your authentic brand?

I help businesses and career minded professionals uncover their authentic brands so they can go out in the marketplace and attract their ideal target market – the people they love to work with and that they have a lot to offer.

Many of my clients have been successful in running their business for years and now want to take their business to the next level:

  • expand it to bring in more customers and staff and income
  • take their business nationally
  • add in some products or services they have been waiting for the right timing to launch
  • they are stuck trying to decide which direction to go

I work with clients that know they need some outside help to accomplish these BIG things for their business.  I help them see what will compel their ideal target market to act, to support what they do.  We go through together several activities that dig deep and by the end you will have a clear picture of which direction to go, what big problem you are solving for your customers, where to go seek out your customers and the next steps.


I have a 5 session program I go through with clients to unveil their genuine brand – brand characteristics that resonate with them and their ideal target market.  Here is an overview of what is covered and accomplished during the 5 sessions:

1.  Brand Brainstorm – we start collecting all kinds of information about you and your business. Examples are what two words describe you, what others say about you and your business, why you choose your profession, what feeling you want to leave people with, what business are you really in… and plenty more questions.

2.  Milestones – we go through the stories of your life and/or your business/career to notice the trends in what you gravitate towards and what gets you frustrated and you are moved to change.  We are looking for core values, passions, skills you have honed from surviving life experiences, stories to use, strong interests and your natural approach that you bring to everything you do (your authentic brand).

3.  Target Market – now that we have a good idea of brand attributes we want to start thinking of what is the strongest avenues to pursue for ideal target markets and start digging into their psychographics and demographics.

4.  Brand Cliff Notes – this is what we have been working towards for the first three sessions – cliff notes that give a core summary of your brand:  your top three or four brand attributes with descriptions built from our session work; ideal target market of ONE; top impact statement to compel target market to act; additional strong magnetic-like impact statements; and the brand experience you want to create throughout all your business touch-points.  Another key piece we work on here is your brilliance statement (also called elevator pitch) which I purposely leave until the end as it needs to encapsulate everything done so far in just a few sentences.

5.  Stories and Big Why – this last session is devoted to finalizing key stories that resonate with your target market and bring out the brand attributes decided on during the last session.  Stories are the best way to get across a point, to bring out the emotional component of what you do, to connect with the heart of your audience.  The other key brand piece needed is your “Big Why.”  This is why you do what you do – what is the cause you are supporting?

Any business or career minded professional that wants to reach a ‘great’ level must gain supporters from communicating their WHY and not from communicating their WHAT.  Once people get your WHY – they will buy what you do (services and products). So this last session we spend time on clarifying your why.

Additional Work:

If needed, I also work on names, tag lines and website content copy.  These are pursued after these initial 5 Brilliance Breakthrough sessions.

Contact me to get started on your Brilliance Breakthrough and taking your business or career to great.


The Brilliance Breakthrough program is a great buy.  I offer special pricing because we meet for 5 sessions.  My usual strategy session rate is $150 an hour, however, for the 5 session Brilliance Breakthrough program the cost is $600 ($150 savings).  Contact me to schedule a no-cost 30 minutes session to determine if I am a great fit for your business needs.