We are so thankful for the blessings in our lives.


This is a place where we share and talk about gratitude.   With the multi-tasking culture we live in now it becomes challenging to be focused on having gratitude, realizing how precious our lives are, that we have a now.

These resources are a way really for us at Social Media More with Less to be focused on gratitude and recognize truly how rich we are.

We are offering a FREE gratitude webinar November 6th at noon CST.  Find out how gratitude is much more than saying “thank you” and the many benefits that come with a life filled with gratitude.

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Also, every Thursday on Facebook we feature gratitude on Thursdays and call it Thankful Thursdays. Join us for uplifting conversations.


From a very young age, our parents encouraged us to say “thank you”. Though we may not have understood the importance at the time, the meaning of thankfulness became clearer the older we got. Even as adults we need to realize that it’s not just the “good” things that we need to appreciate, but also those moments that don’t seem so good. The song…”Unanswered Prayers” comes to mind. The following article talks about some of those “unanswered prayers” and how they can actually turn out to be a gift!

Ten Unexpected Reasons to Give Thanks

It’s important to take time to thank those people in your life that have a made a difference (no matter how big or how small). The person on the receiving end of that appreciation is most likely “uplifted”, but did you ever think that it could improve your well being as well?

How Gratitude can improve your life