LinkedIn Audit

Get your LinkedIn Profile ready to attract prospects, stand out from others, and grow your business!

Whether you are new to LinkedIn or you have had a profile for a while but little or nothing with it, getting your profile in tip top shape is the first step for getting LinkedIn to work for you. 

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve set up your LinkedIn Profile but it gets NO ACTION?
  • You have a stack of LinkedIn invitations you are waiting to accept or have accepted and not sure what the next step is?
  • You have heard how LinkedIn is great for small businesses but you don’t understand how you are supposed to use it to attract business?
  • You have a LinkedIn profile up but it doesn’t sound exciting or compelling enough to move people to act?

Psst…there’s a secret you should know:

Most LinkedIn Profiles are dull and boring and are not attracting business in droves like you might read.  Instead, you need to think about keywords and including writing that moves people to act.  LinkedIn is not an online resume, it is one of your marketing tools, more like a mini-website.

FIRST – stop accepting any LinkedIn invitations until you profile is looking great.

Visitors in just a few seconds make a judgement about your profile.  How does yours measure up?  You need to be focused and interesting, not in a red carpet sort of way, but a way that conveys to the reader that you ‘get’ them and their struggles.  You need to know why you are on LinkedIn and orchestrate all parts of the profile to help you achieve it.

Introducing LinkedIn Audit

STEP 1:  I send you a worksheet to complete with questions about what you want to accomplish on LinkedIn, what is the primary impact your customers can expect, your call to action, top keyword phrases and a handful of other questions.

STEP 2: Send me back the completed worksheet and I go through and audit your profile using an assessment I have created and used with my clients to get them listed on the first page of results in LinkedIn.  I will confirm your keywords too to be sure you are focusing in the best direction for your goals.

STEP 3: In a couple days I will send you a link for a movie I recorded just for you with all my recommendations from my assessment of your LinkedIn profile so you can create a standout profile.

Step 4: Implement my recommendations on your LinkedIn profile and begin to see your profile visits go way up.  Your numbers will immediately go up: who’s viewed your profile, number of searches found in, and invitations sent.

This is an easy way to kickstart your LinkedIn profile and get it in top-notch shape with my help.

So are you ready to turn your LinkedIn Profile one of the few that really get noticed and stand out?  Get started now!

LinkedIn Audit