During the series of videos you will learn how to:

  • LinkedIn Profile Stand OutAttract a steady stream of clients who want your services
  • Build relationships with people that share your passion
  • Get more results from LinkedIn than you thought possible

Questions that Will Be Answered During the Video Series:

  • How do I get noticed on LinkedIn?
  • How can I rise to the top of the results list?
  • How do a create a standout LinkedIn summary without sounding promotional?


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3 Reasons LinkedIn Is Important

Reason #1: Your LinkedIn profile is most likely showing up in the top 4 Google search results positions for your name. What kind of first impression are you making? People are searching your name.

Reason #2: Chances are good that people are using LinkedIn to search right now to find someone that does exactly what you do! Are you showing up at the top of the search results? Don’t miss out!

Reason #3: LinkedIn members are 2x more confident in the information found on LinkedIn than any other social media site. Are you boosting confidence or adding confusion?

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What Others Say:

Lori Miller Small Business Culinary ConsultantAfter attending Teresa’s Get Results on LinkedIn class, I got 2 job offers and several consulting projects. It didn’t take that much time and Teresa broke it down into easy to understand steps. Lori Miller
Kim Larson Total Health RDNBeing relatively new to social media, I was overwhelmed before starting to work with Teresa. Thanks to Teresa’s savvy expertise and knowledge, my LinkedIn profile is tons better and is helping me make key business contacts to grow my business. Kim Larson, TotalHealthRD.com


Video One: Planning & Branding

  • Brings out pieces of your business in your profile to powerfully compel people to contact you
  • Questions are included to prompt you for information you need to include in your profile to tell a story that stands out on your profile and gets noticed by your intended ideal target market

Video Two: Keywords

  • Select keywords to include in your LinkedIn profile. This is critical for you to be found on searches.
  • Use the free Google Keyword Tool to come up with keywords.

Video Three: Summary

  • The LinkedIn summary is one of your most important pieces your have to tell your story in a manner which resonates with your ideal target market.
  • Includes are two templates I created to format your summary after.
  • The templates make it easy to punch out your summary and also makes you successful in attracting serious inquires and new business.

Video Four: Stand Out Via Visuals

  • Visuals are eye candy for LinkedIn. Use them wisely.
  • I created visual guidelines so you don’t overwhelm the visitor and instead bring out your most powerful visual so a visitor sees it immediately
  • Creative ideas for including visuals that make you stand out and powerful

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