Social Media Help

Social media is how you become visible and build a network that can support your work in today’s world.  Social media is amazing in how when done right it can help you:

  • grow your business
  • bring in strong customer leads
  • build a community of supporters for your cause
  • stay in touch with current customers (repeat business)
  • listen to customers to create new offerings, features and products that you have a built in audience for
  • give a place for your happy customers to talk about their great experience with your product or service
  • connect with opportunities you never even knew existed that you are perfect for
  • become an authority or thought leader in your specialty (leads to books, presentations, workshops, job security,  and more)

No idea where to start?

I can help.  I help business owners strategize and create a plan.  Remember the saying from Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

I sit down with clients and create a plans with goals, deadlines, ways of tracking, best practices and flexibility to adapt as things change.

I recommend starting with a call together with me to determine what is a good starting place.  I will write up a proposal based on where your strongest areas of need are and you determine what you want to move forward on.  No pressure, this is about getting you MORE results in LESS time so you can do the great work you love to do.

Been doing social media a while but not getting results?

I can help.  I will sit down with you to see what you have been doing, what has worked, what is missing , and what you can cut back on.  I will go over the best tools to use and make sure you are using best practices.

I recommend you schedule a call with me to go over what your goals are in social media and what you have been doing.  I can put together a proposal for you in those areas you need help and skip over those you are experienced in.  I want you to enjoy social media and make it work for you.

Read over the different social media services I offer: