Social Media Success 7 Step Plan

If you want direction in the best practices for social media, tools to systemize and me by your side teaching you how to do these, then this is perfect for you.

This is my 7 step social media plan for success where I take you through each of the 7 steps for one social media platform.

1. Initial Assessment

Dig into who your target market is; the who, what, why and how of your business; and then what has worked and not worked for your social media this far. By the end you will  know where in social media you should focus your time and energy.

2. Goal & Growth Plan Setting

Setting goals for your social media plan based on where you should be and what you want to accomplish. This will mean dropping those that are following you that are not your target market and getting to know and digging online to find others that are similar to your ideal target market. It also may involve looking for influencers – those that your target market turns to for advice. This is targeted growth that leads to increases in your ideal target market numbers.

3. Activity Calendar

Map out your daily, weekly, and monthly actions with time allotments for the social media platform you are focused on. This will be based on the amount of time you can commit to social media and your goals. These actions are then transferred over to whichever calendar format you work from daily – i.e. Google calendar, daily planner, excel spreadsheet …

4. Editorial Calendar

Plan out regular themed activities during the week such as Thankful Thursday or Monday Inspiration or Friday Follow –that you repeat every week as part of what you share on social media. These will depend on your business brand and what social media platform you are focused on. This also includes looking at monthly themes and holidays throughout the year to evaluate if you can incorporate into your regular social media actions. Planning for this is done through an entire year and then can be transferred from excel format into whichever calendar format you work from daily – i.e. Good calendar, daily planner…

5. Social Media Tools

Selection and training of social media tool/applications to save time and systemize process as much as possible.

6. Social Site Statistics

Determine social media statistics you should regularly assess to determine if you are meeting your goals for your social media and business.

7. Check-in

Check-in session a month later to answer questions and tweak social media plan as needed.


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I would love the opportunity to get your social media working stronger for you so you can devote more of your time and energy to your work so you can go out and reach more people, change the world!  Contact me to get started now.