Social Media Monthly Services

Need More Time to Do Your Great Work?

I created these monthly services to help businesses reach more people, bring in more business and do this with all the latest social media best practices. It is tough for any business to keep up with social media and systemize and engage at the same time.

This why I team up with you to create a plan that is individualized for your business needs, field of focus, target market, goals and time and budget resources.  Best of all – I create a plan that puts you and your business out there so you are visible, powerful, and get noticed.

I offer a variety of monthly services geared for what your goals and needs are.  Each business and their experiences with social media are different.  This is why I create a custom proposal for you.  This is meant to give you an idea of some of what I can include in a proposal.   It is not comprehensive.  Contact me to get started on your own plan for leveraging social media.

Facebook Monthly Services
  • Outline of recommended Facebook strategy.
  • Development of Editorial Calendar for postings.
  • Implementation of strategy complete with at least X Facebook posts per day, five days per week, to the Page (images, text, question/polls). Also includes monitoring conversations, deleting spam, and postings of up to Y replies per day on the Page.
  • Interacting with other targeted Pages as your Page for increased visibility and Facebook Page growth. Commenting on at least one post per day and Liking posts as needed.
  • Actively using designated hashtags
  • Manage Facebook group
  • OPTIONAL: Running one Facebook Ad campaign per month for more assertive Facebook Page growth and e-mail optins. Includes monitoring the ad campaign to ensure the cheapest price per click and delivering a monthly report on the stats.
  • OPTIONAL: Running one Facebook contest per month that supports social media goal (i.e. conversion to email subscriber, positive community engagement with brand, or teaching tool).

Twitter Monthly Services
  • X Tweets per day, five days per week, which includes retweeting others and engaging others in conversation.
  • Actively following other targeted tweeters to grow your following. Following a minimum of Y new people per week.
  • Managing and maintaining Twitter Lists for maximum visibility.
  • Actively using designated hashtags.
  • OPTIONAL: Running Twitter chat weekly or monthly to more assertively gain advocates and grow community

LinkedIn Monthly Services
  • Posting 1 daily status update to LinkedIn profile.
  • Optimizing LinkedIn profile with keywords and company profile.
  • Connecting with new people X/week (accepting invites and reaching out to request invites).
  • Re-sharing valuable updates in client’s field (Y per week).
  • Optional: Monitoring invitations and messages and delivering questions to client.
  • Managing LinkedIn company page: Z updates per week, engaging with followers.
  • OPTIONAL: Running one LinkedIn Ad campaign per month for more assertive Company following growth.

Pinterest Monthly Services
  • Creating and maintaining Pinterest boards with videos and audience targeted photos.
  • Minimum of X new pins per week optimized for sharing and traffic generation.
  • Re-pinning Y pins a week from other people/business boards.
  • Linking Pinterest to other social accounts to increase following.

YouTube Monthly Services
  • Optimizing YouTube Videos with keywords, titles, and descriptions to be found and drive traffic.
  • Managing YouTube comments by answering posts and removing spam as needed.
  • Adding in created videos to designated playlists.
  • Adding other channels videos to designated playlists.
Cross-Over to Multiple Social Media Platforms Monthly Services
  • Throw a social media party
  • Running a social media contest allowing multiple platform entry forms


Additional Monthly Proposal Services

All monthly services include reports on traffic, interactions, and community details such as demographics and growth.  Also, I include in all plans at least one monthly 30-minute conference call  to assess needs, stay up on company news and maintain open communication.

Keyword search phrases are also optimized for search engines and integrated into social media services.  This is a critical part of being both visually compelling for visitors and ranking well in search engines for searches related to your areas of authority and service.

I would love to help you get results in social media for your business – give you more time to do what you are great at.  Contact me to schedule an initial no-cost call to talk about what you want to accomplish and how I can help.

Note: All monthly services require a six month minimum contract.  This is needed to allow the time to truly get you results in social media.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and get you the results you want instantly, but social media requires listening, planning, evaluating, collaborating and celebrating.  All these parts take time to put into place and see significant results.